Top 50 Blockchain Interview Questions
Apr, 20 2018 | blockchain

Blockchain Interview questions

Crypto technology has created a new world in our planet and ‘blockchain’ is the most used word in its kingdoms. Many have asked if blockchain is another great technology that promises to shape our world greatly or another Ponzi scheme that would lift its subjects temporarily before letting them down in shock reverse. These skepticisms are understandably surfacing because a lot of similar inventions have burnt people in time past after taking the world by storm before sending their committers on the journey of economic anonymity. Blockchain, however, pledges a difference as it is confirmed one of the greatest technology trends of the past decade that promises even much more stretch into the future.

The significant difference in nature and the widespread use of the much-touted invention has also brought about some scares on the table to analyze for potential users. But amidst all odd, we are convinced that blockchain is neither a Ponzi scheme nor should not be considered as one. The mere facts that it has open doors to many new career opportunities, professions and even courses of studies at institutions of higher learning are huge proofs of its expected longevity. Consequent of the invention, new sets of professionals now queue up for job interview either in the areas of core blockchain technology or its very close affiliates.


To this end, we have highlighted top blockchain interview questions which we believe every blockchain job seekers should find personal solutions to before attending a blockchain job interview.

– What is blockchain and what is its relationship with cryptocurrency?

– What are the main features and characteristics of a blockchain?

– What do you understand by an ICO?

– Why is an ICO important for the understanding of blockchain technology?

– What facts should you know about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

– Why is blockchain considered a technology foundation for the future

– On what principle is the bitcoin technology based?

– What are the different types of blockchain protocols?

– Why should you consider blockchain a trusted approach?

– What are the two types of record that are present in a blockchain database?

– How is blockchain distributed database different from traditional databases?

– What are the core properties of blockchain that gives it popularity and acceptance?

– What is encryption and what is its role in blockchain?

– What is meant by blocks in the blockchain technology?

– Is data modification possible after they are written in a blockchain’s block?

– What is referred to as block identifiers?

– What should you learn about the security of a block?

– What are cryptocurrencies and how are they related to blockchains. What is the name of the relational process?

– What are the comparative advantages of Ethereum over bitcoins?

– What do ‘Merkle trees’ mean and how important are they in blockchains?

– What is a ledger and why is it considered incorruptible in blockchain?

– What are the types of ledgers you must know as a blockchain user?

– Is blockchain ledger different from traditional ledger? How?

– What are the types of records or data that could be stored on a blockchain?

– Are there any restrictions on the types of records or data that could be stored in a blockchain?

– What are the components of the blockchain ecosystem?

– How useful exactly is the blockchain technology?

– How true is the allegation of ‘transaction duplication’ in relation to the blockchain system?

– In what way(s) can blockchain be stored?

– Can a block have more than a parent block in blockchain?

– How is blockchain technology related to smart contract development?

– How useful is blockchain to cybersecurity and digital protection?

– What are the major threats to information on blockchain?

– What is the significance of blockchain to information leak?

– What is Ethereum? What is its relationship with Ether?

– What are the significant differences between bitcoin and Ethereum?

– Are cryptocurrencies globally acceptable? Why?

– Is there any difference between bitcoin and blockchain?

– Is it possible to run Ethereum on bitcoin blockchain?

– What is the best form of enterprise on blockchain protocols for the startup entrepreneur?

– How lucrative do you think cryptocurrency mining is?

– What is the best connection between blockchain and enterprise compliance?

– In what other ways can money be made from blockchain technology except for cryptocurrency and coin mining?

– What are the greatest features of a blockchain inspired smart contract?

– Is it safe to save your fiat money in bitcoins or cryptocurrency forms?

– Can a blockchain be hacked?

– How protected against cyber threats are blockchain enterprises?

– Am I guaranteed financial safety investing in a blockchain enterprise?

– In what ways can blockchain technology help tech startup and digital entrepreneur achieve their dreams?

– What do you understand by solidity?

-How and where are strings stored in solidity?

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