We believe perfection is a continuous process

Our Process

Blockchain application development is getting popular across various industry domains today. There are multiple benefits but few experts who can align the uses of the distributed ledger to your business. To provide you with the best solution, we follow a streamlined process. Also, we have an in-house team of experts comprising of blockchain developers, blockchain consulting professionals, cybersecurity specialists, cryptography experts, web/graphic/UI designers, software developers and marketing gurus who work together to address your project needs. Take a look at the process we follow to deliver the best to our clients to help them reach new heights of success.

1 We protect your idea

We start by making sure your Intellectual Property is always safe and secure — it’s our top priority and every project starts with an NDA.

02 Idea validation

Blockchain is an evolving technology, and you may want to cash in on its widest use possible. At MiMundo, we seek to first understand the gap you want to fill or the product you wish to create. Zeroing on the exact requirement is half the battle won.

03 Feasibility Drill

This as an “Idea Workshop” where we dissect the project idea and requirement and look at the possible roadblocks and solutions. Our multi-disciplinary experts will give an insightful feasibility report consisting of a roadmap for your project idea/product. We also work out the technical requirements of the project like the technology/skills, marketing support and operations support, etc. We will provide you the Proof-of-Concept before going ahead with the project development.

04 Agile Development

We will divide each task into sprints with timelines. You will get to know our developers who are working in this project and can interact directly. We use the most equipped project management and communication tools, such as ASANA and SLACK to keep you in the loop of the project plan. As part of the project plan, you will have the purview of the schema, the various modules, components, and would be updated on the project progress at any given point in time. We work with transparency as the blockchain itself!

05 Support & Maintenance

This is crucial during the early stages of blockchain implementation, and we will hand-hold your organization to break into the new technology. Training, fixing bugs, query resolution, everything will be a part of this; and we will also provide ongoing maintenance as and when required.

06 Industry Compliance

We have worked with companies in various sectors and business sizes. Our legal expertise ensures you comply with all the latest regulations – AML/KYC, GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation), PSI DSS (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), PDS2 (The Payment Services Directive), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and FISMA (The Federal Information Security Management Act) and various local ones.

MiMundo will require one point of contact during the project for clarifying requirements for usability and any projects related issues. MiMundo requires this person be available to answer questions arising from the project within 48 hours on workdays (subject to reasonable exceptions) and to have authority to make decisions relating to the project.

MiMundo will be assigned a Technical/Project lead. This lead will act as the primary point of contact with MiMundo personnel and will respond to all communications within 24 hours on workdays unless other-wise notified (and subject to reasonable exceptions).

We are committed to delivering products and services of the highest quality. Our 30-day Warranty & Support period allows you to report defects and discrepancies after your final product has been delivered and accepted.

Our Word is Our Warranty

We always deliver error-free and top-notch quality work that is backed by our 30-days warranty & support period. If you come across any glitches and discrepancies (that rarely happens), we are there to fix it to perfection.
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What We Provide

Validate Your Idea

We believe assumption cannot be the underlying fundamentals behind the development of any product. This is major reason behind the failure of 95% of product. Our unique framework will help you to research the market and to analyze their competitors if there is any, before going into development. We roll out the MVP with multiple iterations faster than others with pixel perfect deliverables.

Product Development

Product development is different from project development. It requires the understanding of consumer behaviour and psychology along with the technical capabilities and data driven approach. This is the area where normal service company fails. Most of our founding team comes from the product background and delivered some of the greatest products. Their expertise helps you in thinking product from a completely different dimensions keeping in mind the scalability and agility.


As, data is the gold mine. We can’t afford to lose any data from the day zero. Capturing and  analyzing or extracting information from the required data set require the different skill set altogether. Our dedicated team of data scientist can help you to build the entire data pipeline and also dig into using different Machine and Deep learning algorithm to gain some deep insights which in terms helps you to analyze product-market fit, campaign performance, user-behaviour etc. We have also developed our own framework which helps to capture the required information with very minimal events.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking can help you to create virality loop with minimal costs. MiMundo’s growth hacking team can help you to get first 1000 of user’s for free without any costs. Feel free to ping us to know some of the greatest growth hacks which we have achieved in the past for our client’s.